Religious Exemptions Target LGBTQ Families in States Across the Nation

posted on Wed, Mar 22 2017 1:17 pm by Denise Brogan-Kator, Director of State Policy

Family Equality Council believes that these laws don’t just run afoul of the U.S. Constitution, but they also run contrary to the basic child welfare principle that the number one consideration should always be what is in the best interests of each individual child... Therefore, it is vital that we stop these bills before they become law.

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Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court Nominee is Dangerous to the LGBT Community

posted on Tue, Mar 21 2017 2:10 pm by Emily Hecht-McGowan, Chief Policy Officer

Neil Gorsuch is a threat to LGBTQ people and other marginalized and minority communities.

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Family Equality Council Welcomes Disney Decision to Stand By “Gay Moment” in Beauty and the Beast

posted on Fri, Mar 17 2017 8:56 am by Family Equality Council

Family Equality Council applauds Disney’s decision to stand by what has been described as the studio’s first “exclusively gay moment,” in the face of pressure to cut the scene from censors in countries where homosexuality remains illegal, and domestic pressure from conservative Christian groups threatening to boycott Disney.

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Episode #3: Inclusive Summer Camps

posted on Mon, Mar 13 2017 8:21 pm by Emily McGranachan, East Coast Regional Manager

March’s Outspoken Voices brings together three summer camp professionals and fans to talk about finding inclusive summer camp spaces, prepping youth for the experience, and why a welcoming and celebratory summer camp can have a big impact on youth.

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2017 LA Impact Awards a Great Success

posted on Mon, Mar 13 2017 8:34 am by Family Equality Council

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