LGBTQ Families at the White House Easter Egg Roll: What Did It Mean To Me?

posted on Thu, Apr 13 2017 1:23 pm by Tommy Starling, Emeritus Board Member

Given the significance of the Easter Egg Roll for our supporters in recent years, we didn’t want to let this year’s event slip by without comment, so we talked to Tommy Starling, an Emeritus Board Member of Family Equality Council, to hear what attending the event in 2009 meant to him and his family.

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Episode #4: What to Consider Before Tying the Knot and Starting a Family

posted on Tue, Apr 11 2017 9:31 am by Tatiana Quiroga, Southern Regional Manager

April’s Outspoken Voices brings together two professionals to converse the financial and legal consideration that should discussed before for tying the knot and starting a family.

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Unspoken Connection: the Joy of Finding Donor Siblings

posted on Mon, Apr 10 2017 7:57 am by Laura McFerrin, Guest Contributor

National Siblings day was not even suggested when I was a kid.  It began in 1999 by Claudia Evart who created an organization and campaign for national recognition.  Its absence in my sibling-free childhood was unnoticed but now, in light of diverse and all kinds of families, it has found an importance.  Today, it certainly is a big day at my house where I am one of the moms, where siblings abound. 

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Celebrating National Siblings Day!

posted on Mon, Apr 10 2017 7:55 am by Emily McGranachan, East Coast Regional Manager

Today is National Siblings Day. I am an only child with 4 donor-siblings and a few sisters. All of these identities and relationships help to make me who I am. They are also an honest reflection of the complexities of many LGBTQ families.

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Outspoken Generation Welcomes Lindsey Steinert

posted on Fri, Apr 7 2017 7:14 pm by Emily McGranachan, East Coast Regional Manager

You may have read Lindsey Steinert’s recent story on the Huffington Post, I Had Two Gay Dads Decades Before It Was ‘Cool’. Now she is the newest member of the Outspoken Generation – Family Equality Council’s program that connects people who have LGBTQ parents with opportunities to speak out.

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