For three decades, we have worked to create a world where those families and ALL loving families could be recognized, respected, and protected. This year we will celebrate the positive changes that have made the world a better place for those 3 million parents who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender and their 6 million children. The work has not always been easy, but it has been rewarding. So this year, I ask you to resolve to join us by celebrating our anniversary, committing yourself to help advance equality on behalf of our families, and connecting on a deeper level with the growing community of families supported by the Family Equality Council.

Family Camp 2011


Come celebrate our community at one of these major events that mark our year-long celebration of Family Equality Council’s 30th anniversary.

At our Los Angeles Awards Dinner on February 11th and at Night at the Pier in New York on May 8th, we gathered together our families, supporters, friends, and allies to celebrate our accomplishments and talk about the important and urgent work that still needs to be done to protect our families.

During our first Family Weekend in Washington DC from May 17-19, families from across the country learned more about how laws and policies affecting our families are made, talked to members of Congress about issues that are important to us, raised our voices to make sure that our families' stories are heard and validated, and experienced the thrill of sightseeing in our nation’s capital.

We celebrated in Provincetown at Family Week (July 28- Aug. 4) and in Minnesota at the Midwest Families Conference (Apr. 27-28) , where our children met, played, and made friends with other children with LGBT moms and dads.

Even in the midst of our celebration, we recognize there is more work to be done for our families. So we have resolved to use this year to recommit our organization to changing the world for future generations of families. Here is how you can resolve to commit yourself to be a part of that change.


Commit to spreading the word about Family Equality Council to at least three new families this year by sending them this link to sign on as a supporter.

Commit to sharing your story to introduce more Americans to LGBT families. Our public education efforts help change attitudes and policies so that all families will one day be valued for their commitment to one another.

Commit to learning about the issues that are important to our families in this election year. Check back soon at our new website to learn how you can influence lawmakers and policymakers with just a simple mouse-click. Make sure that in this most heated of political environments the lies and untruths told about our families don’t go unanswered.

Mom with Kids


Become active in your community by connecting with your local LGBT parenting group. If one doesn’t exist in your neighborhood, allow us to help you make the connections that will help a new group thrive and flourish.

Connect with us online. We launched a rich, user-friendly new website allows you to connect with other families and with us. We also launched a new child development newsletter for new and expecting parents to share useful information about important health and wellness milestones. Stay tuned this month to learn more.

Connect with us through “Scan & Send It" – a program that gives you an even bigger voice in changing systems to truly include all our family structures.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. More than 3,500 friends joined us on Facebook last year and our Twitter followers nearly doubled. Follow and friend us for a chance to raise your voices for fairness.

This year, more than ever, we resolve to make a world of difference for all families. We hope you’ll join us in celebration, make a meaningful commitment to fairness for all families, and connect with the growing community of parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren across this country.