Our Experience at the Easter Egg Roll

posted on Thu, Apr 24 2014 11:55 am by Robin Fox

We are on the plane heading home and I am exhausted.  One of our daughters has fallen asleep next to me – she has flown a lot and realizes that the best way to pass the time is to sleep. Our other daughter is talking, singing, engaging, moving, laughing – she has flown a lot as well and realizes that the best way to pass time is to do what she always does. We are flying back to our small university town in the Midwest after having gone to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll. In fact, we were invited with about 30,000 other people to attend the event. I remind our children throughout the time leading up to the trip that although it is going to be busy with a lot of people, in the big picture we are very lucky to have this opportunity that so few people have.

I know why I am exhausted. In part, it is because we walked close to 20,000 steps each day (our oldest daughter had a pedometer as part of a research project at school) and because I am not a young mom. Both my partner and I spent our twenties and much of our thirties in school so that when we decided to start a family I was in my late thirties. But the main reason I am exhausted is not because of my age or my throbbing feet. I am exhausted because once again I have had one of those experiences I didn’t expect and a reaction that was even more unexpected. Let me explain.

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Danish Supermodel, Josephine Skriver, Joins the Outspoken Generation Program

posted on Thu, Apr 3 2014 9:48 am by Cindi Creager, Creager-Cole Communications

Danish Supermodel, Josephine Skriver, Joins Family Equality Council’s Outspoken Generation® Program



Its important for me to use my voice to help the world understand and become more open minded about LGBTQ families.

Washington, DC, April 3, 2014- Family Equality Council®, the national organization which connects, supports, and represents the estimated three million parents who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer in the United States and their six million children of all ages, today announced that Danish supermodel, Josephine Skriver will join its Outspoken Generation® Program, which empowers those with LGBTQ parents to speak out for their families.

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Mississippi’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” Doesn't Restore Religious Freedoms

posted on Wed, Apr 2 2014 3:48 pm by Denise Brogan-Kator, Senior Legislative Counsel

Mississippi’s legislature just passed the so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”.  I say “so-called” because the Act does not actually restore anyone’s religious freedoms. What the legislation does do, is allow a person’s religious belief alone as sufficient justification to deny goods and services to the LGBTQ community that are otherwise offered to the general public.

I am tempted to write this off as simply another example of the extremes that conservative, ultra right-wing zealots are willing to go to deny to the LGBTQ community the equality and freedoms that others enjoy.  The rhetoric in newspapers, legislative chambers and even comments on blog posts would have you believe that refusing services to gay couples and families is a fundamental part of Judeo-Christian belief that has been unfairly encroached upon by our secular system of laws.  I have so many objections to this position that I cannot list them all; I am tempted to merely say I am confident that, with the passage of time, this law and the attitude that supports such laws will be appropriately consigned to the dustbin of history.  Everyone is entitled to their  own religious beliefs, but when you operate a business or run a publicly funded social service agency open to the public, those beliefs do not give you a right to discriminate.

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When Man Plans, the Universe Laughs: A Gay Dad's Tale

posted on Thu, Mar 20 2014 12:43 pm by DADsquared Founder, Henry Amador

There were many things in life I thought I would be.
As a young child, the world seemed so BIG and possible.
There never appeared to be a limitation on what I could be, what I could do.

I don't really know when the dreams began to drift away.
When did they go from filling my spirit with such intensity and joy to becoming distant memories that somehow started to feel so silly, so un-real?

When does the sense of endless possibility turn to the feeling that certain keys to certain doors are simply out of reach?

Ah...I wish I had that answer but I don't, as they say, when man plans…

At this moment while I write these words I am far better served by pondering over the things in life I thought I would never be.

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Michigander making a life in Minnesota

posted on Thu, Mar 6 2014 10:58 am by Jaime Bellemare, Digital Associate

The below letter was written by Kent Love-Ramirez in response to an opinion piece featured in Michigan's Grand Rapids Business Journal. 

The article outlines how Michigan officials seek diverse talent while simultaneously making their state unwelcoming to people from diverse communities.  Currently Michigan has a constitutional ban against same-sex marriage and does not allow same-sex couples to share custody of their children. Kent Love-Ramirez shares how this has affected his family.


Mr. Glazer,

I read with interest your recent article titled “The Importance of Being Welcoming to All.” I want to thank you for shaping the issue with such simple eloquence. I also want to thank you for your remarks in Bridge Magazine's recent article "Are Michigan’s restrictions on gay and abortion rights holding state back?," which spotlights my family's plight. Michigan business leaders and policy makers would be wise to heed your words. It is not just rhetoric, but reality for many families like mine.  

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