New Portal for Research on Lesbian and Gay Parenting

posted on Wed, Jan 28 2015 1:36 pm by Dana Rudolph, Mombian

The Columbia Law School launches "What We Know," a new LGBT initiative. This new online portal allows anyone to assess controversial public policy issues regarding the well being of children with LGB parents for themselves.  

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Help Us Appeal to the Supreme Court for Marriage Equality

posted on Tue, Jan 27 2015 12:04 pm by Denise Brogan-Kator, Esq.


We need YOUR help collecting stories from our remarkable families to include in our "Friend of the Court" brief in the cases now before the Supreme Court. 

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Middle Class Economics for the 21st Century - Helping Working Families Get Ahead

posted on Wed, Jan 21 2015 9:31 am by The White House Office of the Press Secretary

The White House Office of the Press Secretary provides an extended breakdown on the plan for working families. By making paychecks for working families go further, preparing Americans to earn higher wages and keeping good, high paying jobs in America, the President intends to help advance middle class economics.

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Glancing Back. Hoping Forward.

posted on Wed, Dec 31 2014 9:58 am by Tonya Agnew, Midwest Advisory Council, Chair

As the final minutes of 2014 tick away, thoughts come rushing to my mind. Thoughts about the 2014 marriage equality milestones. Thoughts about my wife and our sixteenth holiday season together. And thoughts about my kids and the strides they made in 2014.

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Kafara Heard Joins the Southern Advisory Council

posted on Thu, Dec 11 2014 9:16 am by Tatiana Rodriguez

We are happy to announce our newest Southern Advisory Council member.  Kafara Heard is the owner of Your Favorite Couple, Inc., an organization that promotes and empower healthy, long-lasting relationships in the LGBTQ community.  She has an MBA in Acquisitions and is a member of the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.  Kafara is also a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community in Atlanta, GA.   She volunteers her leadership skills and experience as a sales executive for a Fortune 200 company to fundraise and build community connections for organizations such as The Right to Marry Campaign, The AIM Project, The MOM Project, Aid Atlanta Charity and The American Diabetes Association to name a few.  Kafara lives in Snellville, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, with her son Noah and dog Rocko. When she's not busy working or volunteering, you can find her enjoying time with family and friends to ensure a healthy work/life balance.

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