Announcing the 2017 LA Impact Awards

March 11, 2017 – Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Los Angeles

Family Equality Council’s Impact Awards are a celebration of LGBTQ families, and the people and organizations which have made an impact on our families and communities. The Impact Awards not only honor the contributions of remarkable people and groups, but also highlights the accomplishments of Family Equality Council – from our work fighting so-called religious freedom restoration acts to our community building events reaching over 33,000 people across the country.

This very special evening is an emotional and poignant tribute to our core message: LOVE IS WHAT MAKES A FAMILY.



More than any other series, Transparent has brought issues facing LGBTQ families – and particularly transgender parents – into public view, in a format that is entertaining and educational in equal measure. For Family Equality Council’s supporters, Transparent is truly groundbreaking, with an LGBTQ family taking center stage as the sole focus of an award-winning web and television series.


Target has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusivity for all people, particularly in regards to the LGBTQ community. Family Equality Council is proud to have worked with Target as a corporate sponsor for almost 10 years, and in 2016, Family Equality Council helped spearhead the #StandWithTarget campaign to amplify support for Target’s leadership in corporate social responsibility. For these reasons, Target’s 2017 Impact Award is well deserved.

Jonathan Murray & Harvey Reese

Jonathan Murray and Harvey Reese stand among Family Equality Council’s strongest supporters and have proven themselves to be vocal advocates for LGBTQ youth and families. Following Jonathan’s success with the groundbreaking MTV reality show Real World, he has turned his attention more recently to producing social issue documentaries like Autism: The Musical and Valentine Road, both of which aired on HBO, They Call Us Monsters, which airs on PBS this spring; and the current documentary series, Born This Way, which airs on A&E. Jonathan and Harvey are celebrating their 25th year together and their 18th year as parents to their son Dylan.

Meet the Host Committee

Co-Chairs: Stuart Bell, Greg Berlanti, David Marshall Grant & Sarah Paulson

Vice Chairs: Natalie Bergman & Seth Yanklewitz

Table Host Co-Chairs: Jeff Bernstein & Danielle Cooper

Highlights from the 2016 Impact Awards

2016 LA Impact Awards

Meet the 2016 honorees, view the photo album, watch video performances, and more.



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