Same-sex Marriage Cases Before Supreme Court Put the Spotlight on Children Raised by Gays

posted on Sat, Apr 20 2013 11:41 am by David Crary, Associated Press

NEW YORK — The White House told the Supreme Court it favored same-sex marriage. So did dozens of big corporations, a host of political and legal heavyweights — and 9-year-old Austin Covey.

"My dads take the best care of me and my brother," Austin said in one of the many legal briefs submitted to court. "My family is no different than any other family."

... [Outspoken Generation member Sarah Gogin] joined Austin Covey and other children of gay parents in providing input to the Supreme Court last month in a brief prepared by the Family Equality Council and allied groups which advocate for gay families.

Gogin, who's now 24 and on the administrative staff at a hospital, noted in the friend-of-the-court brief that she had attended Catholic schools from kindergarten through graduate school at the University of San Francisco. She provided a colorful account of her years at St. Ignatius College Preparatory.

"My high school experience was like many other hormonal teen girls' high school experiences," Gogin wrote. "It sucked. Acne, hormones, boys, college, SATs, musicals, proms, sporting tournaments. You name it; I went through it — with my dads' support every step of the way."

In an interview, Gogin summarized the gist of her message to the Supreme Court.

"We do have our ups and downs — we're not a perfect family," she said. "What I want them to know is that I did all the same things any other child has done. I've been able to grow up to become a successful, independent individual, and isn't that what we all want our children to be?"

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