People with Transgender Parents

“So, your parent is transgender. What’s that like?”

Does this question sound familiar? As people with transgender parents, we often feel quite alone in our experience. When (and if) we explain that we have a transgender parent, we often find most people have never met anyone else with a transgender parent. Have you?

Plenty of transgender people have children, but there are only a few resources available for transgender parents and their families. The below resources and the People with Trans Parents (PTP) community was specifically created for and by people with transgender parents.

Your parent may have just come out to you as transgender or maybe you have known for years and just found COLAGE, a program of Family Equality. People are transgender in a variety of ways and families relate to each other differently. Maybe your parent just came out to you as transgender or they came back into your life and opened up about their transgender identity. Maybe your parent is androgynous or genderqueer and neither of the names “mom” or “dad” seems to fit. If you have or had a parent who is transgender, genderqueer, or somewhere else along the gender spectrum, then the PTP Community is for you!

Note: We’re excited to announce that we will be updating our People with Trans Parent resources in 2020 with language, stories, and contacts that better reflect shifts in our programs and society-at-large. Stay tuned!

PTP News! n the Spring of 2020, the book, My Trans Parent: A User Guide for When Your Parent Transitions, by People with Trans Parents leader Heather Bryant, is coming out from Hachette and Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Stay tuned for more news and join us at Family Week 2020 to have an opportunity to get your signed copy in person from Heather! 

Private Facebook Group for 13+ year olds with one or more trans parents: This group creates community and a national support network through sharing stories, asking questions, posting resources and relevant media, videos, articles, events and more! The group is through Facebook and is open to anyone who has a trans parent (ages 13+). The group is “secret” to protect your privacy and is not visible to the larger Facebook community. This group is moderated by our PTP Leadership Team. You can join the group by emailing