Soon, Family Equality Council will be hosting virtual trainings which will empower providers to welcome and support LGBTQ prospective parents. Whether you already have a high level of competency or are just starting out, this training platform will provide you with everything you need to ensure that every LGBTQ person who comes into your office is met with open arms and staff who are ready to embrace them. Interested? Email Trystan Reese ( to receive updates on the roll-out, and sign up to participate in the soft-launch!

Rainbow Stork Program

During the next five years, Family Equality Council will be working diligently to help make family formation as accessible for women of color in the south attempting to foster a sibling group as it is for gay men in San Francisco who want to use surrogacy. But we need your help! Join the growing number of caring professionals who are participating in the Rainbow Stork Program to help offset costs of family formation for the LGBTQ community. Show lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals that your organization is actively helping their dream become a reality.

Do you already offer discounts or financial assistance to the LGBTQ community for family formation services? Tell us about it by completing this form so we can recognize you as a Rainbow Stork!