Family Equality Council works at all levels of government – at the federal, state, and local level – to remove existing barriers by defeating legislation, policies, and practices that restrict parenting by parents who are LGBT; promoting and passing new laws that promote parenting by parents who are LGBT such as second parent adoption; and promoting policies and practices that are inclusive of parents who are LGBT.

Adoption is one of the primary ways that parents who are LGBT create families, whether through the public foster care system, a private agency, or simply a second-parent adoption of a partner or spouse’s child. However, in most places across the country LGBT individuals and couples face barriers to adoption, making it difficult or sometimes impossible for these loving, qualified people to create families.

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Every Child Deserves A Family Act

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Equality Act

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We joined several child-welfare organizations filing an amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs in Adar v. Smith, gay parents filing to place their names on their adopted child's Louisiana birth certificate.

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Family Equality opposes the passage of Senate Bill 349, the so-called “conscience clause” bill for private foster care and adoption agencies. 
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The Williams Institute released a report stating that the "conscience clause" will cause more children to be placed into State care and fewer children to be adopted, costing the State $30,000 per child remaining in care.
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We strongly supported the proposed regulations that would have prohibited discrimination in foster and adoptive care in Virginia. We were very disappointed when the Virginia Board of Health rejected the regulations.
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