With nationwide marriage equality, same-sex couples now have unprecedented access to many marital
rights, benefits and protections. More importantly, however, our children now know that their government
no longer renders their families as second-class. 

We also  broke-down the  Supreme Court's ruling on marriage and how it affects our families on a national
community call.

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But even with this tremendous win, we still have a great deal of work to do to achieve a world where our 
families enjoy full legal and lived equality.  In order to move family values forward:


We must ensure that married same-sex couples have equal access to
parenting rights that have traditionally flowed directly to married couples. 

We must secure stable and loving homes for children
and ensure protections for LGBTQ families.




We must ensure broad non-discrimination protections
for LGBTQ headed families.




 We must protect our children by ensuring that schools  
are safe and inclusive.


We must ensure security for working families in
the United States, particularly those headed by LGBTQ parents.

We must expand legal and lived equality nation-wide.