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"Forms are often a challenge for children with parents who are LGBTQ. They can be almost a daily reminder that my family is not considered 'valid', whenever I have to fill out yet another form that asks for 'mother' and 'father' information. I hope future generations will not even have to face such daily doses of discrimination."

-Lizzy Hurley, Age 18

Have you ever been frustrated by the forms your family is asked to fill out, maybe at your doctor’s office or at your child’s school? Forms that had only a place for a “mother” and a “father”? Forms that clearly did not reflect the composition of your family?

"Snap It & Send It”  is unique nationwide call to action to bring attention to thousands of forms that fail to recognize the diversity of LGBTQ families.

Family Equality Council has been working across several federal agencies to modernize these forms.  In a survey of 20,000 publicly available forms, we have identified 70 that should be updated to include language inclusive of all families. The forms, utilized at the federal, state and local level, typically ask for information on an individual’s “mother,” “father,” or “mother’s maiden name” and fail to account for other family structures.  And in most instances, the “mother” and “father” designation that is requested serves no real purpose.
We'll help you use these tools to fix the antiquated forms that you come across every day — at school, soccer clubs, girl scouts, day care providers, and doctors’ offices.