Amicus Briefs

The amcius briefs (or “friend of the court” briefs) listed on this page were filed by Family Equality in Federal court to support cases advancing equality for LGBTQ families.

“Voices of Children” Briefs

Many of the briefs listed below are part of Family Equality series of “Voices of Children” Amicus briefs, asking the Courts to recognize the unique perspective of children whose well-being, personal self-esteem, and sense of purpose are negatively impacted by the denial of legal and lived equality for their LGBTQ parents.

The Voices of Children briefs were instrumental in achieving the successful Obergefell Supreme Court ruling that made marriage equality the law of the land in 2015. Since the marriage equality decision, Family Equality has continued to elevate the voices of children of LGBTQ families, most recently in Pavan v. Smith, a case addressing the right of same-sex parents to be listed on their child’s birth certificate, arising from Arkansas.

United States Supreme Court

2019: Bostock . v. Clayton County, GA; Altitude Express, Inc. et al. v. Melissa Zarda et al.; Harris Funeral Homes, Inc. v. EEOC et al. (with The Trevor Project and PFLAG National)

2017: Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (collaborated to join brief filed by Lambda Legal)

2017: Pavan v. Smith

2015: V.L. v. E.L. & Guardian Ad Litem, As Representative of Minor Children

2015: Obergefell & Henry v. Hodges, Director Ohio Dept. of Health

2013: Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor

1st Circuit Court of Appeals

Puerto Rico: Lopes-Aviles

3rd Circuit Court of Appeals

Pennsylvania: Fulton v. City of Philadelphia 

4th Circuit Court of Appeals

Virginia: Bostic & Berghoff v. Schaefer, Rainey & McQuigg

5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Texas: De Leon, Dimetman, Holmes, & Phariss v. Perry, Abbott, & Lakey

6th Circuit Court of Appeals

Kentucky: Bourke v. Beshear

Michigan: Deboer v. Snyder

Tennessee: Tanco v. Haslam

Ohio: Henry v. Himes

7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Indiana & Wisconsin: Baskin v. Bogan and Wolf v. Walker

Indiana: Henderson v. Adams

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Idaho: Latta v. Otter, Rich & State of Idaho

Nevada & Hawaii: Sevcik v. Sandoval & Coalition for the Protection of Marriage and Jackson v. Abercrombie, Fuddy & Hawaii Family Forum

10th Circuit Court of Appeals

Oklahoma: Bishop & Barton v. Smith & The United States of America ex. rel. Eric H. Holder Jr.

Utah: Kitchen v. Herbert & Swensen

11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Florida: Brenner; Grimsley

State Court Briefs

In addition to briefs filed in Federal Court, Family Equality has also filed the following briefs in state courts:

Arkansas: Wright

Florida: Pareto