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posted on Thu, May 23 2013 3:08 pm by Steve Majors

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Family Equality Council Statement on Immigration Reform: “Our Families Are Devastated”

 Washington DC- (May 21, 2013) – Family Equality Council which connects, supports and represents the three million parents in our country who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and their six million children today called on lawmakers to explain to LGBT immigrant families why they won’t be included in Comprehensive Immigration Reform and treated equally under the law.

 “Immigration reform is not comprehensive if it leaves some families behind,” said Emily Hecht-McGowan, Family Equality Council Director of Public Policy. “Our families are absolutely devastated to learn that two amendments to the immigration bill that would have included protections for their families are being left out."

“There are 36,000 binational couples in our country and almost half of them are raising children," added Hecht-McGowan. “Tonight as they look into the eyes of their children, they will know that despite the strong leadership of Chairman Leahy, other politicians in Washington made a politically expedient decision that could separate them from their kids, exile them from their country and make their entire future unstable. Shame on any lawmaker who feels they can play politics with the lives of our families. We’ll continue to work on behalf of those families and demand that Congress and the courts ensure they are respected and protected.”