Anna Libertin

Communications Manager

Anna LibertinAnna Libertin joined Family Equality in June 2019 as the Communications Manager, where she is driven by the belief that effective, accurate storytelling can change lives.

Working for years at the helm of various communications initiatives, Anna has developed content for leading child welfare organizations, national news companies, and nonprofits empowering women, nonbinary folks, and LGBTQ+ individuals. In every role, Anna’s efforts center on protecting diverse communities, and her print and digital storytelling has proven instrumental in squashing efforts to enshrine discrimination in state and federal law.

Anna has a background in English language and literature and graphic design. Outside of the office, she has led LGBTQ+ discussion groups and advisory councils, as well as committees to empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence. A midwesterner through and through, Anna grew up in Ohio and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.