Gabriel Fontes de Faria

Gabriel is an architectural and interior designer with over 10 years of experience in high-end residential design. He graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Architecture and went on to work for renowned firms such as Dirk Denison Architects and Kadlec Architecture + Design, where he was Senior Designer for residential projects throughout the country. Recently, Gabriel opened up his own interior design company (Studio Novo), and is currently working on projects in London, UK and Naples, Florida. 

Gabriel is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but grew up in 5 cities in 3 countries, which instilled in him a love for different cultures. During the early years of their relationship, Gabriel and his now-husband (Grant) were directly involved in the fight to repeal DOMA, giving visibility to the effects it had on bi-national same-sex couples. At the time, Gabriel’s future in the US was in limbo because he couldn’t marry Grant, putting their dream of starting a family on indefinite hold. Gabriel and Grant’s story was read on the floor of the US House of Representatives by their congressman as an example of how DOMA was affecting LGBTQ couples’ dreams of starting a family but also having an adverse effect economically since US citizens were being forced to move abroad to be with their spouses. Gabriel currently lives in Chicago with his husband Grant, and their daughters Elle (3 years old) and Anna (9 months old), both born through surrogacy with the help of Gabriel’s sister who selflessly donated her eggs. In their free time, the family enjoys traveling and spending time with their families and friends.