JR McGinnis

JR McGinnisJR McGinnis began his legal career with the Los Angeles office of Sidley & Austin specializing in mergers and acquisitions, and corporate litigation. After leaving private practice for the entertainment field, JR held various executive positions at 20thCentury Fox, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. JR recently returned to private practice to join the prestigious boutique entertainment law firm of Felker Toczek Suddleson Abramson where he handles complex negotiations on behalf of writers, directors, producers and actors in all areas of entertainment and media.

JR is passionate about LGBTQ issues and has volunteered with various organizations over his 27 years in Los Angeles. He most recently served on the Board of Directors of AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) whose mission is to achieve health care equity and promote well-being for the LGBTQ communities and people living with, and affected by, HIV.

JR and his partner of 17 years are the proud parents of five-year-old triplets Campbell, Piper and Travis who were conceived through surrogacy. JR believes that all families deserve love, respect and equality regardless of their structure or form and he is committed to changing hearts and minds and helping to create a world in which all our families are valued.