Steve Brister

Steve BristerSteve Brister is an independent marketing strategy consultant, and a full-time lecturer in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing and brand management. Previously, he served as a marketing executive at Time Warner Cable and DirecTV.

Steve and his husband Carmine formed their family through public adoption, with their son Baltazar (now a young adult) joining their family at the age of 7. Their family also also remains close to Baltazar’s half-brother Andrew through an early-childhood foster placement, frequent visits/vacations together, and off-and-in guardianship.

While supporters of all paths to parenting, Steve and Carmine have a particular passion for public adoption. Their commitment to Family Equality is driven by the desire to overcome state laws and personal prejudices that focus on sexual orientation as a criteria for adoption, preventing thousands of LGBT parents from providing a safe, loving home environment for children who desperately need one.