TX Court Stays Implementation of New Rule Extending FMLA Eligibility to All Married Same-Sex Couples

posted on Thu, Apr 9 2015 11:33 am by Michael Porcello, Legislative Counsel

Late last month, a federal court in Texas issued a stay delaying implementation of a new Department of Labor Rule that would allow same-sex couples to access leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to care for their same-sex spouse, regardless of whether their marriage is recognized in the state where they live. The court's decision applies to only four states - Texas, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Louisiana - and, until resolved, will prevent same-sex married couples living in those states from using FMLA leave to care for one another. Married couples living in the other handful of states that do not recognize same-sex marriages should currently be able to access leave under FMLA.

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Lee Knight Joins the Southern Advisory Council

posted on Wed, Mar 25 2015 12:44 pm by Jaime Bellemare, Digital Associate

Lee Knight lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her wife, Dana and their two children, Miller (6) and Margot (4).  

Lee is very active in LGBTQ advocacy in Charlotte, currently serving on the board of the Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund. The Fund is a collective aimed at giving fund and endowment to positively impact the underfunding of nonprofit organizations serving the LGBTQ community. Lee previously served on the board of Time Out Youth, a local organization dedicated to providing support, advocacy and education to LGBTQ youth.

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New Bill in Congress Would Ensure All Spouses Can Access Social Security Benefits

posted on Thu, Mar 19 2015 3:04 pm by Michael Porcello, Legislative Counsel

This Tuesday, Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin introduced the Social Security and Marriage Equality Act (HR 1404), a piece of federal legislation that would ensure that all same-sex spouses are eligible to receive and access Social Security spousal benefits, regardless of where they live. Currently, federal law only permits same-sex couples to access these crucial spousal benefits if they live in a state that recognizes their marriage.

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Richard Alalouf Joins the Southern Advisory Council

posted on Thu, Mar 12 2015 10:04 am by Jaime Bellemare, Digital Associate

Richard Alalouf was born in Montreal, Canada a million years ago (or as he says, just after the ice age). Richard spent much of his time in Toronto, where he attended Centennial College.  He graduated with a degree in business management and was also politically involved as President of the Student Association and as sitting Governor on the College Board. 

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Jenny Rain joins the Outspoken Generation

posted on Tue, Feb 24 2015 1:42 pm by Rebecca Day, Digital Communications Intern

Name: Jenny Rain

City: Washington, DC

Family Facts: Jenny has 2 dads!

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